HISTORY // 3rd period

From the beginning of the 13th century stone from the quarries of SAINT-MAXIMIN and SAINT-LEU started to be used farther away, on the Ile-de-France, whose own quarries were exhausted.


In 1241, Saint-Louis built Royaumont Abbey and Sainte Chapelle, in Paris.


Transport was a problem ; by water or little local roads from the Renaissance until the middle of the 19th century, by railway after 1846 (the opening of the first PARIS-CREIL-BRUXELLES line), and by road in the 20th century once we had trucks and asphalted roads.


Between the place of departure and the place of arrival there could also be problems authenticating the stone.


The 100 Years War devastated France between 1337 and 1453. Once it was over, France experienced a new building fever, the third in our history:


1490 – Château de Vincennes (still a square fort).

1530 – François 1er transformed the castle of Saint-Maximin.

1535 – Georges II, Cardinal of Amboise, built himself Château de Gaillon,

1537 – the architect Pierre Chambiges worked at Chantilly

Royaumont Abbey



Château de Vincennes and the Château de Gaillon

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Château de Chantilly