Saint Maximin stone is extracted using a 35 tonne hydraulic excavator with a rock cutting bucket. In order to protect the environment, no explosive is used.


Once removed from the bed the blocks are rendered on four faces, either manually with perforators and wedges, or with an electric chain saw.


DEGAN exploite DEGAN quarries five different stones which, in order of hardness, are: lias stone, roche franche, roche 11, fine rock, and St Leu stone.


Chaque variété est disponible en Each type is available in two forms : a fine stone or a rougher stone, called “construction”, with visible shells.


Each block is numbered/identified by a code, which gives its hardness, the year it was produced, and its dimensions. Wheeled loaders capable of lifting 18 tonnes stock the blocks according to quality.


Customer collections are made on flat-bed trucks, and can be organized by DEGAN.


60 % of the dressed stone blocks that are produced are destined for historical monument renovation.


In order to be able to fill client orders as quickly as possible, DEGAN has a large stock of blocks (more than 3,000 m3) of all qualities and dimensions, which can be viewed on request.

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