DEGAN is respectful of the stone and its environment, and practices rational exploitation of its quarry at Saint Maximin, making the most of this natural resource.


We are very careful to protect the water table.

Petrol and oil tanks can be refilled safely in a waterproof transfer area with a 500 liter capacity reservoir.


As they are authorized to work up to 17 meters deep, DEGAN ensures the safety of its personnel by working in stages, and with protection screens which avoid the dangers associated with rock falls. There are regular and frequent tests of dust levels on the quarry to protect the workers’ health.


In accordance with the law, and because of its respect for sustainable development, DEGAN is supervising a rehabilitation of the site which will have a reasonable biodiversity, including replacing the soil removed before quarrying at the bottom of the dig, slopes of different gradients, reforestation and grassland, to recreate a natural, regional habitat for the flora and fauna.